Feature / Capability Requests

A list of features / capabilities to be considered / implemented. The order is roughly in the order of priority:

  • Colour scheme options (branding) for the website and custom built application components
  • Data access requirements when depositing: potentially modeled on the AIATSIS deposit
  • Provide an online transcription tool (From the Page)
  • Provide a first-pass character recognition system to which images of manuscripts can be submitted
  • Establish a IIIF server to hold manuscript images
  • Provide guidelines for the creation of transcript documents
    • naming conventions for files
    • tags required inside documents for minimally acceptable TEI
  • Import already transcribed bundles: data in word documents, TEI files
  • Enrich transcripts incrementally, using NLP to identify English/non-English and to encode each term with the appropriate Austlang code
  • Create a workspace in which drafting of transcripts can be done, before committing the documents to a repository
  • Building a repository that will allow versioning of documents, and will store images and metadata and transcripts in curated bundles
  • Build a geographic search tool
  • Create an ontology for wordlist terms that will allow searching across manuscripts