First Peoples Artist Call Out

The Nyingarn Project is seeking an artist to create our project design, story and branding for our website.

Nyingarn is a 3-year project to create an online platform for digitised early sources in Australia’s  Indigenous languages. The project will provide access to key language manuscripts housed,  among other places, at the National Library of Australia, and State Libraries of New South  Wales, Western Australia, and South Australia. Cutting-edge methods like Optical Character  Recognition (OCR) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques will be used to automate text conversion providing a user-friendly service for academics and the general community. See the Daisy Bates project as an example of what Nyingarn will provide.

Why is it important?  Much of this early language material is unknown or inaccessible. Through metadata  documentation and permission from the relevant language authority, Nyingarn will facilitate  access, transcription, searchability, and research. This will make the manuscripts available for  current language teaching efforts. These manuscripts also enable the study of language change  over time: uses and range of biological taxa; distribution of songs over time; variation in  languages and the diversity of languages recorded close to first contact; relationships between  Indigenous people and first settlers, and much more.  

Project Deadlines
Application due: 25 November 2021
Outcome: by 20 December 2021
Initial Submission: late Jan 2022
Delivery: February 2022

Application due: 25 November 2021. Please email EOI to Project Manager, Sophie Lewincamp

Applications must include: ● Artist statement/vision of the work, visual representations are encouraged  ● Documentation of relevant projects/artworks (please supply images) ● Provide a quote for time and use of artwork ● Ability to deliver against project deadlines and outline of your creative approach