Our Steering Committee

The Nyingarn Steering Committee are steering the project from implementation to project platform delivery. The committee’s work focuses on but is not limited to implementing ethical and culturally appropriate processes around manuscript access. Communities need access to these important early manuscripts for language revitalisation and community learning.

Meet our Committee Members

Lauren Booker
Dr Vicki Couzens
Dr Sandra Delaney
Craig Duncan
Callum Clayton-Dixon
Baressa Frazer
Charmaine Green
Brendan Kennedy
Kaitlyn Lodewikus
Theresa Sainty
Gari Tudor-Smith
Dr Thomas Watson
Paul Williams

The Nyingarn team would like to thank and acknowledge two former committee members, Jodie Dowd and Nathan Mudyi Sentance.

Collectively, our Steering Committee’s role is to:
– Direct project outcomes
– Establish and drive manuscript access protocols
– Oversee and engage in ethical research activities following the University of Melbourne Human Ethics, Protocols for using First Nations Cultural & Intellectual Property in the Arts and NHMRC’s Ethical conduct in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities: Guidelines for researchers and stakeholders
– Provide direction to the project team
– Monitor timelines and quality of the project as it develops
– Identify early Indigenous language manuscripts for ingestion into Nyingarn
– Identify potential project risks and develop strategies to navigate them
– Support community networks and collaboration
– Support the project and act as an advocate for its outcomes
Membership includes: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander leaders in language revitalisation and/or research.