Transcription work in digivol

Follow the instructions below to join our team of online volunteers doing important manuscript transcription work.

Create a DigiVol login using your email and password and sign in

To begin transcribing visit the Nyingarn Project page. Each manuscript or part of a manuscript is listed as an expedition you can join. We recommend reading the tutorial guide for manuscript specific information and transcription conventions.

Transcription Work – The Basics
1. Log into DigiVol
2. Click on the Institutions tab
3. Select Nyingarn Project from the list
4. Select and Expedition, for example Daisy Bates
5. Transcribe the page following the instructions in the Tutorial Guide
6. When complete click Submit for validation or, if partly complete, click Save unfinished record
7. Select Transcribe another task
Manuscript tasks are validated by one of our project team (see below)

Transcription Guidelines for Nyingarn Manuscripts

  • Transcribe all information
  • Do not correct spelling and grammar
  • Format the transcription as close to the original as possible
  • If the author has capitalised a word, transcribe the word in CAPITALS
  • Use round brackets where brackets have been used by the author
  • Transcribe all symbols as the appear ā á à ǎ ī ē é ù

DigiVol also provides great tutorial information. Search DigiVol under the Tutorials tab.