Nyingarn workflows

The workspace allows the researcher with access approvals to upload images of digitised manuscripts and enrich their metadata. User log in via Australian Access Federation or Google. 

Files are uploaded = one page per image in Tiff or jpeg format. Tiff file format is preferred for its archival, non-compressed quality. Transcription files can also be uploaded if they already exist and matched to the original manuscript pages.

The workspace then automatically converts the manuscript into several file types for greater usability. After uploading the user can add metadata. We are working on standard metadata like the AUSLANG codes to enrich the records and make them more easily searchable.

The workspace can also automatically transcribe manuscript images using tesseract OCR (optical character recognition). We are currently testing its accuracy and capacity. Typescript manuscripts are more successful than handwritten manuscripts. The user can view and edit the automated transcription (user screen pictured here).

The user may also wish to have a manuscript transcribed outside of the workspace using a crowdsourced platform like DigiVol and FromthePage. Both these platforms can restrict/close manuscript access to those with the link only. There is also a process to validate, reject, and edit the transcription work of the volunteers. We are currently testing this and will report back soon.
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A manuscript will move into the Nyingarn Repository once it has met the following criteria: accurate metadata, community (or communities) permission, and an accurate transcription. The repository is under development now.