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1. Create a DigiVol login using your email and password and sign in
2. Click on the Institutions tab
3. Select Nyingarn Project from the list
4. Select and Expedition
5. Transcribe the page following the instructions below
6. When complete, click Submit for validation or, if partly complete, click Save unfinished record
7. Select Transcribe another task

May 2023: Nils Holmer – Porcupine Manuscript
February & March 2023 – Nils Holmer fieldnotes
October 2022 – Tony Beale Manuscript
August 2022 – We are running two manuscript expeditions Wakka II Gangulu and New Norcia2.
April 2022 – The Diary of Henry Bunbury is our latest manuscript expedition on DigiVol.

We would like to acknowledge all DigiVol volunteers for their hard work transcribing manuscripts for this project. Thank you Ella Bailey, Gillian Balgowan, Victoria Burgess, Darren Bonnici, Vicki Brown, Sabrina Cao, Andrea Carr, Barbara Chamberlain, Isaac Cheng, Jane Crawford, Sharon Danby, Laura Dawson, MM Debeer, Shayne Denniss, Tram Dinh, Debbie Domingo, Jonathan Eastman, Lorraine Ford, Kevin Furniss, Petal Gill, Louis Harrison, Finnigan Hercus, Eli Holyman, Katrina Ingpen, Ishveen Ishveen, Stefani Lazarevic, Lavinia Liclican, Amber Ling, Jane M, Diane Mahoney, Alexandra Marley, Katherine Marshall, Terry Mcphee, Carol Mirco, Gregory Mitchell, Kathryn Miyanchi, Sonya Nicol, Jacqueline Patrick, Charlotte Peng, Naleeni Prasad, Juvie Ormonde, Uswa Qureshi, Hudson Reynolds, Jennifer Roberts, Catherine Ruhz, Jasmine Seeto, Susan Sevil, Jude Smith, Loryn Sykes, Pratik Tare, Evie W, Freya Watts, Alice-Jane Webb, Shelia Yang.