How-to Videos

Demo with Sophie

Demo with Tom

Creating an item in Nyingarn
This video explains how to create an item in Nyingarn with the correct naming convention, how to name and upload your image files, and how to create a computer generated transcript of your manuscript.

Accessing the workspace and uploading DigiVol Transcription data
In this video, we demonstrate accessing the Nyingarn workspace and uploading an existing transcription pulled from the crowdsourcing platform Digivol to match up with your manuscript pages.

Troubleshooting TEI errors
This video runs through some common TEI errors in the Nyingarn workspace and how to fix them.

Adding tables to the transcription
In this video, we demonstrate how to create tables to add to your transcription. You may want to add a table either to refect a table in the manuscript or to organise your transcription for easier use.

Converting Word transcription files for use in Nyingarn
This video walks through the process of converting a transcription created in Microsoft Word into a TEI XML document that can be ingested into the Nyingarn Workspace.