Metadata Definitions


languageName: The language name as written in the source document in freeform text. This allows a locally accepted name to be found in addition to the standard encoded in Austlang for the nearest standard language name

contentLanguage: The language the item is in ( Uses standard names and codes from

subjectLanguage: A language which the content of the resource describes or discusses ( Uses standard names and codes from

copyrightStatus: A coded designation of the copyright status of the object at the time the rights status is recorded: e.g. copyrighted, publicdomain, unknown (

catalogLinkAtRelevantInstitution: The link to the original document at the institution that holds it (

holdingInstitution: Where the original document is housed (

extent: How many pages in the document (

publicationDate: Date the document first appeared (format YYYY-MM-DD). Use the closest date if the exact date is not known (

dateFreeText: When the document first appeared if the date is not known (can be free text, can be just a year)

originalForm: Is the original handwritten ( or typewritten (

rightsHolder: A person or organization owning or managing rights over the resource (